You’re doing WHAT??


gold_coastYes – I am starting a new blog, moving to Australia, and writing four books at once. I know – I know – you think I’m crazy.

But which part? The new blog, four books, or Australia? Actually Australia is the only part that is not my fault. That is my hubby’s fault. He has been offered a temporary work assignment in Brisbane and Boeing is willing to pay for me to go – so – I’m outta here!

We will pack up six months worth of clothes and head to Brisbane six glorious months of sunshine, Koala bears, and platypus playmates. I can’t wait!

While I am there I will continue to write more stories and books. The first four books in my series – The Top Secret Files of History- will be released while I am gone. So I will be busy doing long distance book promotion.

And of course I will be having adventures exploring the amazing continent of Australia!! so if you want to keep up with my adventures – please subscribe to my blog.

Okay – off to do some writing and to practice speaking Australian. G’day Mate!

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