AUGUST??? When Did That Happen?




I swear it was only a week ago that summer started.  We hugged sticky Popsicle covered children goodbye, put the final grades in the computer, and collapsed into the lawn chair with a pile of required summer reading.  Now the billboards scream back to school sales, teacher meetings are gearing up, and the pile of books is only half finished. In just a few days the halls will be filled with smiling children and nervous parents. 

What’s a teacher to do?

First – don’t panic.  You know it happens every year.  No matter how much you love your job, the kids, and your fellow educators, there is always that moment when you try to figure out how you could earn a living selling slushies on the beach.  Maybe you could become a tour guide in Italy or Russia.  It can’t be that hard to learn a foreign language can it?

I’ve found a few ways to help myself out of the “end-of-summer-blues” and jump start my new class excitement.  First – I always buy myself new school supplies.  Brand new markers and crayons that smell like school.  A pretty notebook that is just for me to jot down ideas and doodle through meetings. And then most fun of all, I make plans for decorating my classroom.

It’s not practical to redo the whole room every year, but honestly if I had the budget and the time – I would.  But it is fun to incorporate a new reading nook or spice up my learning centers.  To get ideas I love visiting other teaching blogs and homeschool websites.  Take a look at some of these great ideas and see if you don’t feel just a bit excited about starting a new school year.


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