Cool Teacher Tool – BiblioNasium


biblionasiumBiblioNasium is one the best sites I have seen to help teachers and parents encourage reading.  It’s basically a Goodreads for kids but with wonderful safety controls.  You can let your students or children search the site without fear of inappropriate results.  Kids have the freedom to explore and learn about new authors and books they want to read.

As a teacher you can set up reading groups, manage book lists, and issue challenges to your students.  The books are coordinated with Lexile level, Guided Reading Program, DRA, and Reading Recovery.

Your students can share their own book reviews on the site andbibmonkey you can control the privacy settings.  What a long way we have come from the old days of  book reports! This is a great way for kids to safely see their ideas and comments published and read by their classmates and teachers.

Educators can have the students log into BiblioNasium and check for teacher messages, reading group questions, and reading suggestions.  Parents can receive updates on their child’s reading progress and classroom reading events.

Best of all there are a variety of motivator to get kids reading.  They can enter reading reading challenges to win prizes or participate in charitable groups like. Free Rice where their knowledge of vocabulary can help stop world hunger!

The only thing I don’t like about this site – why wasn’t this around when I was a kid?????

Don’t believe me?  check out the reviews from EdTech and Digital Book World.

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