Book Trailers – Great Teaching Tool


We’ve all see movie trailers.  Those tempting snippets of movies that make us want to go Goslingsee the new James Bond or the next Ryan Gosling flick.  And now you can use book trailers to tempt your students to check out new stories.  I’m not sure that Ryan Gosling is in any of the trailers…but still…

Book trailers can be a great tool for teachers.  Previewing a classroom read with a book trailer lets teachers ask prediction and context questions.

  • What is this book about?
  • Who is the main character?
  • What do you think will happen in this book?

And perhaps most important –

  • Do you think you will like this book – why or why not?

Take a look at the book trailers for The Marvels, O.J., and Oona.  They are great for opening a book discussion.

marvels  OJoona

But whatever book you choose – you will be able to have your students predict whether or not they will like the book based on the book trailer.  Then after they have read the book ask them if the book was what they had expected.  Did they like it more or less?  Was the book trailer accurate or was it misleading?  How would you change the trailer?

And even more fun is to have your students create their own book trailers.  So much more fun than boring old book reports.  With today’s technology it is easy to create a classroom full of book loving video journalists.


Some great sites to use are

  • Mr. Schu Reads – he has constant updates of new book trailers and interviews with authors and illustrators.
  • Scholastic Stacks has a great collection of book trailers and of course om fun ideas for using them.
  • Sime Kids has over 200 book trailers on their site.
  • And if you want your students to get an idea of how to make their own book trailers take a look at Book Trailers for Readers.  Some of these kids have a future in film and storytelling!

Happy Reading!




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